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Hi, future me. It’s December me. I’ve still got lots of preparing to do before I leave. I have a whole list of people to talk to and things to do. Leaving the country is complicated.

So how was London? Did you win the Hamilton lottery? I haven’t had much luck buying tickets the normal way, so let’s hope your unlucky streak was broken for once.

photo credit: PeterThoeny Last stop: Tower Bridge via photopin (license)

photo credit: PeterThoeny Last stop: Tower Bridge via photopin (license)

I’ve never been to London, but you have, obviously. Everyone I’ve talked to says they really liked it, so I hope it lived up to the hype. I hope the fifth floor walk-up wasn’t too hard on your knees, but I just spent six months on the fourth floor, so I think I’ll adjust okay. It was probably worth it to live in a great neighborhood right near Hyde Park. I bet you feel like you’re in the Kingsman movies when you walk around, you dork. Should I save up my money to get a Savile Row suit? Just kidding. I’m never going to be that rich. But I do hope you got some English clothes, because we are pretty bad at dressing ourselves here in the States. (That’s how they say it, right?)

I heard English food sucks, is that true? I’m looking forward to trying the beer, at least, since I’ll be able to go to a bar like a real adult and have a drink that’s not a terrible imitation of a cocktail mixed in my kitchen. At least the Indian food is supposed to be good there. I hope you didn’t get hazed too much for not drinking tea, but it probably happened anyway. There’s only so many times you can say “no” to tea before your coworkers start making fun of you.

Speaking of coworkers, I hope your interview goes well and you actually get the internship they placed you at. I’m pretty nervous about that. It would be quite embarrassing to have told all my extended family what I was going to be doing and then not even get the job in the first place. I hope you actually got some writing published, because my resume really needs those clips if I’m going to get a decent job this summer. Ugh, summer. I should really stop worrying about that when I have four months of school between then and now.

As of writing this, I leave in 15 days and a few hours, give or take. It still seems so far off in the future that I haven’t really grasped the fact that it’s going to happen sooner than I think. I’m scared, honestly. And I just know I’m not going to sleep on that overnight flight, so I’ll probably be horribly jetlagged during orientation. I guess you’re probably going through the opposite right now, trying to get your body back on American time after so long.

And how was the traveling?! I hope you got to go everywhere on your list, because I have a whole bunch of places I’m dying to see while I’m there, bank account be damned. I hope you made it to Amsterdam, and Paris, and Madrid, and Oslo, and wherever else you decided to go on weekends. I hope flights are cheaper there than they are here, too, or else my savings will be pretty sad by the time I get back.

It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to everyone for so long, especially since so many people will be graduating this May and you’ll miss out on your last months with them. Once you kick that jetlag, go visit BU! It’s finals week, I’m sure everyone will be available to party with you, ha ha.

I really hope spring semester worked out for you, since I’m a little worried about it not working out for me. I’m sure you had a great time, though; you’ll have to tell me all about it when you get the chance. Anyway, go back to sleep: you’ll need it to get back on a normal schedule. I promise I’ll let you know how it goes!


featured photo credit: Seabird NZ Boeing 737-476(SF) – ZK-PAQ via photopin (license)

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