Sandwich Fridays

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Christians go to church on Sundays.

Jews go to synagogue on Saturdays.

I eat sandwiches on Fridays.

Since the beginning of this semester, I celebrate what I have deemed as “Sandwich Friday.” I spend more time than I’d like to admit  researching restaurants and then, each Friday afternoon, I go to a place.  And, yes, eat a sandwich. (Click each syllable to see where I’ve celebrated so far).

I tend to venture alone, but I don’t mind company. In fact, my sister, the first person other than myself to partake in the festivities, enlightened me to the fact that Sandwich Fridays were more meaningfulalmost more spiritualthan I had initially perceived them to be.

She said, Mom would be proud. Because even though you never go to Hillel, Sandwich Fridays are your way of celebrating Shabbat. 

Shabbat, the Jewish sabbath, occurs every Friday night through Saturday night. Like other religions’ sabbaths, it signifies a day of rest, a designated time to relax and reflect on the past week. Although I never intended Sandwich Fridays to carve out a special time for contemplative self-reflection, sitting alone with a sandwich inevitably spawns some retrospect and a strange sense of meditation. And on Shabbat, you’re supposed to think about things you were thankful for over the past week. With a solid sandwich, I can’t help but give thankseven if it’s to the dude who made my sandwich.


These quasi-religious connotations were byproducts of my intentions. Sandwich Friday did not start as a motivation to explore the city and carpe diem the hell out of my last semester. I never felt trapped in the proverbial “BU bubble,” and I hope that my attempts to seize the day would manifest themselves as something more than asking “can I make that a combo platter?”

I celebrate Sandwich Friday because…

I wanted to start a traditioneven if it was just for myself.

I’ve never felt particularly attached to Boston and wanted to claim a sense of ownership over the city before I lefteven if it meant that I could only answer the question “where’s the best place to get a sandwich around here?”

I really love sandwiches.

Like I said, I don’t mind the company . Consider this an open invitation to celebrate Sandwich Fridays with me. You can even pick the place.

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Hailing from the city of Cheesesteaks and the Fresh Prince- more like the suburbs of Philadelphia- Jess is a member of the class of 2014 studying English and History in CAS. When she is not busy taming her massive hair or writing for Culture Shock, she can be found exploring Boston, bopping to Mos Def or doing impressions from Saturday Night Live skits. She hopes you find her ramblings quirky and insightful, and if not, she at least hopes you find them entertaining.

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  1. Mackenzie Morgan Mackenzie Morgan says:

    I love sandwiches and introspectively sitting in new places. I’m in London this semester and have been doing a similar thing with coffee shops. Every monday I find a new one to go to and hang out at for a while, but I like the idea of doing it with sandwiches also. If I was in Boston, I would probably take you up on the offer to join you for a Sandwich friday but instead when I return I’ll return to this article as a useful link to some good sandwich shops!

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