She’s Just Not That Into You (Part 1)

| April 12, 2012

My dearest male readers, the wait is over: you can now figure out if she’s into you! You patiently sat by while I helped the ladies figure out when a guy likes them (or doesn’t). Now, I’m here to help your love lives!

1.      She doesn’t text you back (or texts you back many hours later)

Listen, we live in the world of instant communication – she has the ability to text you back, not to mention that if a girl likes you, she’ll actually find excuses to text you. So if you’re getting super delayed responses every single time? Hit the road, Jack.

Poor guys. They really are afraid of rejection!

2.      She introduces you as her friend

Here is the appropriate introduction if a girl likes you but isn’t sure if you’re really together: “This is Jack.” This is the introduction a girl gives if she doesn’t like you: “This is my friend, Jack.” See the difference? Yes, it’s intentional.

3.      She makes up excuses about not hanging out

Okay, she was busy this weekend. And Wednesday night at dinner. And Friday lunch. And next weekend. And then…stop. No one is that busy; it’s about priorities. And I’m sorry to say, you’re not one of them.

4.      She responds with one-word answers

When a girl likes you, she wants to talk to you and keep the conversation going. One-word answers like “yes,” “no,” “lol,” and “ok” don’t do that, whether you’re texting or talking in person.

5.      She flirts with your friends more than she flirts with you

A little casual banter with one of your boys? Fine. Flat out ignoring you for an entire night because she’s so focused on him? Not fine.

Don't let this be you.

6.      She won’t kiss you

Oh, my God, never date a girl who won’t kiss you! If you’ve gone on multiple dates and she still turns her face away, it’s not nerves: she’s not attracted to you. Why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t want to kiss you? And you can forget about ever getting anything more. Fun times.

7.      She puts her hands in her pockets

Yes, it’s cold out. Yes, she did see you start to reach for her hand. No, she’s not into you.

8.      She never dresses up to come see you

I’m not saying she needs to look ready for the runway every time you guys hang out (way too high maintenance, anyway), but if she’s always wearing sweats, has her hair in a knot and doesn’t put on makeup when you’re first hanging out? She doesn’t care what you think of her.

9.      She talks about other guys

This is extremely conditional. If she vaguely mentions another guy, she could be trying to make you jealous and gauge your interest. But if she’s getting super detailed and giving you a play-by-play of their last interaction/conversation/date? Nope. Not interested.

10.   She says, “But I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

As if a person even has the ability to ignore romantic feelings for someone and still be real friends. Just not possible.


Stay tuned for Part 2 of “She’s Just Not That Into You,” coming next week!

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  1. nick_monty says:

    “6) She won’t kiss you: Oh, my God, never date a girl who won’t kiss you! If you’ve gone on multiple dates and she still turns her face away, it’s not nerves: she’s not attracted to you.”

    Who the hell agrees to multiple dates if they’re not interested? Are these girls starving? Ladies, go to the dining hall for God’s sakes, it’s filled with less creepers…you know, probably.