Side Walk Talk: Belonging

| February 15, 2013 | 1 Comment

I found my initials etched into the sidewalk of Comm. Ave. over near Bay State.

My initials (and feet) on Comm. Ave.

My initials (and feet) on the sidewalk of Comm. Ave.

I thought it was so cool. My initials, permanently engraved into Comm. Ave.– the focal point of Boston University chockablock with thousands of students walking, millions of bikers and boarders riding, and various clubs and student organizations spreading their ideas and ideologies. This sidewalk, the path that all of us rely on to get around the vast expanse of BU’s campus is a crucially integral and essential component of the Boston University community. It is the middle of our Universe.

Much like my initials are an immortal part of Comm Ave., every student is an everlasting element of the BU community. No matter what the GPA, major, minor, or level of extracurricular involvement every student is a valuable member of the BU family. We all belong right here.

Sometimes you feel lost, like you don’t fit in. In such a culturally diverse, competitive, and academically demanding university you can’t quite get a hold of all the opportunity around. Your just not quite smart enough to get an “A” in that class or participate in summer research. Your not athletic or confident enough to join that club or intramural sport. You don’t have the passion to voice your opinion and make a difference. You may not even possess the desire to make new friends. It all seems like everyone around you is moving at a faster pace, thinking on a higher level, functioning in an almost superhuman way that you will never be able to do yourself. To be brutally honest, everything just sucks.

But, this tenacious feeling of overwhelming hopelessness does not define you; you just simply haven’t found your niche yet. It is important to realize that we are not all compeers. We all accomplish different tasks and partake in various activities. Some will be smarter and others more attractive. Many will be more passionate and focused. Some may even seem like Gods gift to the world– they have everything going for them. But don’t worry so much about them, worry about what you can do to make a name for yourself. Find that one thing that your really good at and just go with it. You will own it better than anyone else.

Your initials may not be etched somewhere on Comm Ave. but your very being, your intellectual, religious, cultural, and creative soul is already entombed within the sidewalk. It is already woven into the very fabric of BU. This culturally, academically, and socially vibrant universe that we know as Boston University is your home.

You belong here.

You would not exist if you did not have something to bring to the table of life. ~Herbie Hancock


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  1. Esther Noggle says:

    I am enjoying your writings/laughing out loud in the quiet of evenings! I am going to start looking for my initials….where???…………E

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