Since when does Black Friday begin on Thingstaken?

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You know, as a child, the thrill of Black Friday was so real. It was an event to wait up until like 2 or 3 am to go to the store and get new things. It was exciting; it was monumental; it only happened for one day. One day.


I have noticed the spillover that Black Friday has had into Thingstaken (let’s not pretend that this holiday wasn’t built on oppression and genocide :) ) in recent years, but I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten until this year.

Get this. I’m sitting in my living room on Wednesday night, waffle in one hand, phone in the other minding my business. The TV was on in the background probably on Law and Order: SVU. The commercials come on and of course all of them are about Black Friday. Totally understandable. Because what must you do after you indulge in the consumption of food that will probably end up killing you? Spend money of course. (Clearly, I have thoughts on this, but I’ll save that for another post). But one commercial in particular made me do a double take. They opened their doors at 6pm on turkey day.

6. P.M.

Now, I don’t know about you but 6. P.M. on a Thursday is not Friday. Just isn’t.

It’s evident that consumerism has gotten to new levels. People are so impatient and feel as though they need to partake in these deals that they must start their shopping on the day they should be feeling thankful. While this holiday is all kinds of trash, people are reinventing it and taking time out to appreciate the people and things they have in their life. Black Friday overshadows the whole message by bombarding us with ads of the things we just HAVE to buy. In that, there is a lack of appreciation of the things right in front of us. Quite the contradiction, right? Everything that is given to us is a blessing because it could be gone in an instant. Nothing is ever guaranteed, so living a life like it is will lead to one’s own downfall.

Black Friday shopping isn’t a bad thing. I myself find it quite enjoyable, especially when you find something that is so cheap when the actual price is through the roof. However, that joy and excitement is getting lost because the special allocated time to do that is diminishing. You can find these deals all weekend long. There’s something special about the post-feast early morning delirium that just makes the buys so much better, but hey, if waltzing through target at 7pm is what works for you, who am I to judge?

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