Small Talk

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          “Hi! How are you?” 

          “I’m good! How are you?”

I am not good. I am drowning in work, I do not know if I turned the oven off, and I may want to switch my major yet again. I have not cleaned my room yet and I have guests coming over. My paper is not too good and I have to see my professor. I want to curl up in my bed and sleep until Winter Break.

“Ugh I love you so much!”

            “I love you too!”

I do not really think I know the meaning of love, but does this solidify our friendship? Have we made it past awkward coffee dates to pajamas and ice cream watching Love, Actually? How many more “I love you”s till we get there?


“Are we okay?”


It is not okay and it will not be okay. I do not mean to hold a grudge, but nothing makes me hold one faster than having to say those words. I do not want to appease you into thinking I am fine because I am allowed not to be. But I do it anyway.

            “See you later!”

            “I’ll text you!”

I will not. I will wait for you to text me because of an inexplicable ego complex. But you will not text me and our friendship will fade away. I will laugh it off, but I will always wonder what went wrong.


What went wrong is that I did not do what I said I would.

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Hansika Ramchandani

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Hansika Ramchandani is a Junior double majoring in History and International Relations. She loves it when you laugh at all of her [not] funny jokes and accept the fact that she needs yet another cup of coffee.

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