Sounds like Home to Me

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Home sounds like loud conversations being blasted into cellphones in separate rooms,

yelling as if speaking to the other person on the line across a canyon or a roaring riverbank

Home sounds like a constant backdrop of bachata or old crackly spanish opera,

voices joining in song, shamelessly singing off beat, laughter sprinkled within the chorus

A constant backdrop of playful banter and hip bumps

Home sounds like “un besito mas por favor!”

the smack of lip to cheek

Home sounds like an action movie, turned up so loud it shakes the whole house,

Mami’s voice in the quieter parts asking about whatever she missed while checking on the rice

Home sounds like two voices speaking at the same time, gaining volume as they compete to be heard over the other

The squeal of sisters reunited at last

Home sounds like two languages interwoven at high speeds and with grace,

a tango of the tongues always center stage

Feautured: photo credit: Paulisson Miura Happy Xmas 2013 via photopin (license)

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