My Special Girl

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I’m scared

You’ve all I’ve ever had

All I know I’ve had

Me above all others

You above all others

I never doubted your love and you never doubted mine

Above all, you’ve all I’ve ever truly feel connected to

You’ve been there with me


Even from the first time I saw you I knew you were special

You didn’t see me as anything special

In fact you peed on my bed


I saw your pain and you saw mine

We felt our misery together never having to say a word

Knowing the other was there

Knowing I’d see you soon

Your head on my lap

Your back by my leg

You helped me feel less alone without words

Your deep eyes

You saved me from my depression and I save you from yours

We just knew

You’re the only one who really knows me

I can’t find anyone like you

I’m the only one who knows the genius behind you

The one who knows pain but chooses happiness

Never doubting others

Just needing love and needing to give love


Grace, you’re perfect

You’ve always been enough

You’ll always be enough

My girly girl

My perfect baby

I love you more then I love anything

I didn’t know love could hurt

I didn’t know love without you

I’m still scared to be away from you.

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Emmy Parks

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I write to validate and solidify my feelings. Make them less fleeting and more concrete and real. I'm ready to be judged.

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