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Boston Sunset, October 2016
Photo by: Sasha Parodi

sunstrokes punctuate the haze of Twilight Blue
in an act of Spectacular


the Wind Whistles
crossing from the streets filled with
Sirens Whirring and People Shouting
To my warm room
Where silence comfortably Floats above
The Softness of my blanket

the wafting smell of Fried Food from the Downstairs Deli
reminds me that the world Exists
out there

I think today i’ll choose this pocket of time
before ‘The Week’ but after
‘The Weekend’
When my world escapes,
suspended temporarily
from the discombobulation
Of the world out there


Where i lay
tucked into my thoughts or the pages of a book or the warmth of
Berry Tea
while beyond my window
sirens whir, people shout, smells waft

Buzz! goes my phone

let’s pretend we have found a
center of the spinning world.
tomorrow we can enter the Revolving Doors

but today
Can we just stand?
and feel the movement surrounding us?

i close my eyes, the Outside fades


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Sasha Parodi

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Sasha is a Russian-American punthusiast and chocolate addict. She is pursuing a dual degree in Psychology and Journalism and hopes to go on to work in community development and social impact. In addition to writing, Sasha occupies her time with buying too many books than she realistically has time for, dancing, exploring Boston and planning her next travel experience.

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