A Tale of Two Cities

| August 5, 2013 | 2 Comments

 It’s nice to be home. I walk down the hall without shoes and shower without flip-flops. I sing in my car, have little use for headphones, and maintain complete control of the lights in my room. It’s nice to be alone. I missed this. I blend all the smoothies my heart desires and smile at my dog, always my puppy, in the yard of my childhood home. Over there I scored a goal against my brother. Right there is where I hit a baseball over the fence.

This is the past. I fill another bag for the thrift shop and gaze to the shelves at my boxed up memories. I, and many who I know, have moved past what were once fantastic friendships. This is an old life, it isn’t mine anymore. My high school job, to which I have returned for the summer, has a roster full of new employees. A lot can change in a year.

My mom makes homemade cookies and we watch movies. It’s nice to be home. I am able to be alone with my thoughts, to have time to myself, to not feel so crowded by people. It’s nice to be alone. I missed this, my dad and his corny jokes, the way he calls me “Kenzo”, a hallway lined with memories immortalized in photographs.

This is the present. I lose time to Student Link and planning for the year ahead of me. Silly Snapchats sent across the country, wall posts, Facetimes and “I miss you’s”. A smile to the memories; a grin for the plans. This is a new life, it is mine. I try to capture the beauty of the past year in a conversation to my best friend. It’s hard to summarize a year that meant the world to me. A lot can change in a year.

It’s nice to be home.
Where is home?

I love the view of the mountains outside my window. 

                                                                                                                          I miss the glow of the CITGO sign.

         My homemade smoothies and wraps satisfy a craving.

                                                                                    A pit in my stomach roars for Cane’s and Regina’s.

                   It’s nice to sleep in. It’s nice to relax.

                                                                            I miss learning. I like being busy.

                                                                                                         The stars shine so bright, the streets lie so quiet.

      I miss the light of the Pru and the late night announcer on the Green Line.


Colorado, I love you; Boston, I need you.                                 It’s nice to be home. Wherever that is.

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Mackenzie Morgan

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  1. Tino Bratbo says:

    Just wait till after college. Your roster of “homes” gets longer and longer as you get older, and continue moving and exploring new places. It’s wonderful, but nostalgic; heart-warming, but gut-wrenching. In the end, “home” becomes more of an abstract. To me, home will always be where my mom is.

  2. Andrew Lacqua Andrew Lacqua says:

    I feel like every college student in the world goes through all of this, I know I am right now haha Spot on Mackenzie!

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