Thanksgiving Limericks

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Thanksgiving is a time to express thanks, but it is also a time of reluctant family gatherings that test your patience. It’s a particularly tense post-election time, so to get you through the ambivalence, please enjoy these Thanksgiving limericks:

photo credit: giveawayboy It's Turkey Lurkey Time via photopin (license)

photo credit: giveawayboy It’s Turkey Lurkey Time via photopin (license)

The turkey is clearly too burnt.
We claimed to be checking, but we weren’t.
Our family is here,
they’ll complain, oh dear,
but who cares, they’ll be too turnt.

Uncle Larry just started a fight
because he believes all power is white.
We’re really just coping,
but also we’re hoping
that one day he’ll see the light.

I’ve sustained an unforgettable trauma
from all the election drama.
I’ll be in D.C. for Thanksgiving
exploring and reliving
the last eight years with Obama.

The food for Friendsgiving is extensive,
and this potluck is making me pensive.
We’re all compensating
because it was a bit devastating
when we saw the flights home were too expensive.

photo credit: Scottwdw Autumn Ivy via photopin (license)

photo credit: Scottwdw Autumn Ivy via photopin (license)

2016 needs to be over,
or maybe a flour-leaf clover.
We’re dry on our luck,
Barack’s a lame duck,
It just feels like a bad hangover.

Autumnal colors and weather is here.
There’s really a lot to give thanks for and fear.
But with friends by my side,
and nowhere to hide,
I’ll try and persevere.


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