The Things that Make Me “Me”

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I’m told to talk about myself,
to “show off” my degree.
To write about my life and health;
With words that make me me.

So I typed in full two blank pages
Of all the work I’ve done.
Recalled all my used up wages
In hopes that more will come.

I’m told to sell who I am,
and all the things I’d be.
Connect with those who give a damn
with things that make me me.

So I hunted for open spots,
vacancies to be filled.
But with every interview sought
Came another that stilled.

Then in career fairs I found out
many had done the same.
Seems what everyone cares about
are things under your name.

I guess it’s easy to believe
That life’s about the climb.
And all the things that one achieves
within their given time.

But what can my own CV say
on personality?
Does it tell you who I am
and all that makes me me?

That’s why in my pursuit of jobs
and hypotheticals,
of school, hopes and dreams I’ve been robbed,
of progress going slow,
I have faith that all things will work,
In spite of all I see.
‘Cause it’s character, not my perks
that defines me as me.

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