Thur-Man, Master of Dreams

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Everyone has a favorite quote about dreams, and everyone famous has a quote about one. And like Martin Luther King Jr. before him, Howard Thurman, too, spoke up about a dream – a dream for all of us. He spoke up and willed us to keep our dreams alive, to let them power us through the toughest of ordeals.


Thurman’s spirit, of course, is an integral part of Boston University. To be a Terrier is to pledge yourself to his teachings, to seek common ground with students from all the world over and from all walks of life. We here at the Howard Thurman Center recognize that, and today on this most hectic week of coursework, we reveal to you one of Thurman’s greatest secrets.


You see, Howard Thurman is more than just an alumnus of Boston University. He is more than just the man our one-stop center for all things common ground and conversation are named after. He is an idea, a dream in and of himself, who rewards those students who repeat his words back to him and ask for his help…


When Thurman signed up with the Friendly Ghosts Guilds Initiative, he had only one request: to be recognized by Terriers – and only Terriers – as the legendary, spiritual superhero Thur-Man.

Thur-Man’s mantra was simple: That dreams are often looked down on for being “impractical” or needlessly romantic. Reality, he argues, is the true illusion: A pretentious lens through which people pretend to live in spite of life, not because of it. But dreams give us something to look forward to, to fight for.

So dreamers of BU, celebrate. Become one with your hopes and look to a future so bright that it blinds you. Seeing too clearly is overrated anyway.

Embrace Thur-Man and his teachings, and he will carry you through finals with his infinite wisdom. Come to the Howard Thurman Center and engage in conversation with us, learn from those who are different than you and from worlds you never before imagined. Learn from those who are alike and yet wiser, and older, and connected to their dreams in a wholly different light.


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