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I saw this poster at a bus stop near Bay State and could not help but realize, as obvious as it may seem, tigers aren’t rugs…they’re tigers! I attempted to write a post about “saving the tigers!” but couldn’t do it – so I wrote a poem instead.
Check out more of these posters and visit the organization’s site: http://worldwildlife.org/pages/stop-wildlife-crime

That’s right –

You’re not a rug.

Rugs are made out of wool, and plant fibers.

Not your skin,

Not your vertical stripes.

They serve a purpose –

Making you a part of your habitat,

Blending in with your surroundings,

Being one with your world,

A world yours, no more.


The humans have taken over:

Your only natural predator,

Your only tangible threat.

Decimating your habitat –

Ravaging your surroundings –

Poaching, Selling, and Trading –

Idolizing in their cultures.


A savage beast,

A mysterious entity.

But they are wrong.


You are a tiger.

Just a tiger.

A fellow animal,

A corporeal being,

Living, Growing, Being, Breathing.

Caring for yourself,

Providing for your young.

An integral part of this planet –

Long before humans arrived.


But, times have changed.

You are fighting for survival,

In a world no longer yours.

And although only 3,000 strong,    

You can endure –

You can fight –

You possess instincts,

Honed skills and abilities

10.8 million years in the making.

You’ll find a way,

You’ll make a stand:

One final leap off the road to extinction.

Pantera Tigris:                       

You are a tiger.

And the humans,

They will learn,


They will learn.


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  1. Uncle Dan says:

    That’s why I don’t mow my lawn, once a week!

  2. Michael says:

    Such beautiful animals. So sad.

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