Time Flies, or: I’m Halfway Through College?!

| May 31, 2013 | 5 Comments

Oh, I’m halfway through with college.

This thought occurred to me one afternoon last week as I walked past the CityCo in Kenmore Square. It wasn’t the CityCo that triggered the thought; it was a Facilities employee who was walking right past me. We made eye contact and something in the back of my mind wiggled – I said hello aloud and he smiled, asking me how I was doing.

I've actually almost figured this thing out. | photo credit: B Tal via photopin cc

I’ve actually almost figured this thing out. | photo credit: B Tal via photopin cc

The wiggle in my brain (that’s a scientific term, I swear) and the realization that followed it came to be because I knew this man. He inspired one of my first Culture Shock posts. The post – if you didn’t care to click the link, shame on you – was written after my first month in Boston. I worried about being too busy, time passing too fast, to enjoy this beautiful city.

After I saw my Walking Symbol of Time Passing, I took the T back up to the Arlington stop, knowing I couldn’t cross the tracks at Copley, and then got the E train and went to the MFA. I went to Downtown Crossing, set up some interviews for my internship, and sat under a tree in the Common to start writing what may-or-may-not-be a novel. That night, I held my first house meeting as a Resident Assistant. I realized how much I’ve grown into this city and university.

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', into the future... | photo credit: oatsy40 via photopin cc

Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, into the future… | photo credit: oatsy40 via photopin cc

I came back to the lovely Culture Shock archives and read the old post over. I felt a lot of things – I laughed at how I thought I was busy first semester freshman year, compared to the semester I just finished up; I shook my head a little at how I should have edited the post itself a little harder; I had a “huh” moment when I remembered I came in here as a math major; and I was happy.

I was happy because I’ve done the things I said I wanted to do but was afraid I wouldn’t find time to: visiting Wonderland, checking out the Christmas store in Faneuil Hall (really, Ceci? That was one of your top things to do?), and doing homework in the Common. And I’ve done more . . . and I want to do even more.

This year I got the chance to: live in Spain for three months, interview Seth Meyers, watch and meet one of my favorite spoken word poets, write a lot, meet and grow closer to amazing friends, and survive my first blizzard. I watched the people of Boston reach out to each other with love. I can’t take credit for the awesome things that are part of my life story now, though. This year was full of opportunity and growth, and it was all thanks to BU and this beautiful city.

I’ve changed in the first two years of college, to be sure. But some things have stayed constant – I still write for Culture Shock. I’m still dating my best friend. I still have close friends from that first month of school. I still wanted to say hello to that Facilities employee. I’m still always busy, always busy. But such is life, right? We grow, and our roots stay put.

I’m happy with my halfway point. Here’s to the first half – I look forward to the next.

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Cecilia Weddell

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Cecilia (or Ceci—not Cece, not Sassy) graduated from BU with Comparative Literature major and a Math minor in May 2015. She wrote for Culture Shock from 2011-2015 and was an Editor-in-Chief from 2013-2015. To keep up with her writing and other doings, follow her on Twitter @CCWeddell.

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  1. juan marbán says:

    No se por qué no había leído este post antes.Es bonito estar too bussy y también es interesante solo “estar”.jaja.Por cierto,recuerdo a tu papá y a tu mamá teniendo algunos “huh moments.Good luck for the last two years.

  2. Jeff Fox says:

    I love visiting old writing for things like this. Good post!

  3. Nik nak says:

    Amen to dat

  4. Tino Bratbo says:

    I have two things to say:

    1. The crazy thing is that you will probably grow/change much faster in the second half.

    2. Come on, you could’ve walked to the MFA.

    • Cecilia Weddell Cecilia Weddell says:

      Haha, I should have walked. I think I initially entertained the idea of stopping at Copley to drop by BPL really fast and then try to get a transfer fee to enter on the other side. But then I didn’t, so …
      Good story, huh?

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