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Although we’re a part of the city, BU’s campus feels very safe. Bay State Road especially feels like a sweet little town. But leaving BU territory (or terrier-tory) can be a little frightening for a small-town girl like me.
A couple weeks ago, my best friend and I got on the T and traveled all the way down to the Harvard Ave station. We didn’t go through a whole lot of Allston– our destination was at the end of Harvard Avenue. Everything smelled like weed, and the scent got stronger every time someone brushed past me. I tried to keep in mind that this place was upscale compared to some city ghettos, but I was still nervous, and I kept my head down.

Taken immediately after it was finished -- excuse all the blood (ew)

Taken immediately after it was finished — excuse all the blood (ew)

Stingray Body Art is a major contrast to the neighborhood around it. The waiting room is eclectic, with multicolored couches and incredible art on the walls. The coffee table has a Magic 8 Ball, to which I asked, “Will this tattoo hurt like hell?” It told me, “Yes.” I had been to Stingray before for a septum piercing, but this was my first time in the tattoo room. What I found clever about it was the structure. Every artist had his own cubicle, like it was an office building. Of course, each cubicle was filled with needles, ink, and tacked-up art on the walls, none of which is found in a regular office.
I sat there for two hours, holding my best friend’s hand. The Magic 8 Ball was so right. For the first hour, I stared out the wide window, looking at the streets of Allston. For the second hour, I had my face buried in my friend’s shoulder. When the artist finished, I felt like I was losing consciousness. Walking back down Harvard Ave, cradling my arm, I was unaware of my surroundings. My friend guided me down the street and onto the T. Sitting across from me was a woman, probably in her fifties, who was holding a grey poodle. The dog licked her face, and she looked at him with such love. I smiled and nodded at her, and she smiled back. I wondered where they had been all day and where they were going.

The cutest little dog ever.

The cutest little dog ever.

I was glad to return to my dorm after that painful yet rewarding experience. I was so tired, and my arm was aching. I slept well that night, even though I had to position my arm very carefully. I didn’t even travel that far, but it was certainly an adventure.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to get a tattoo, I highly recommend Stingray Body Art. Allston is a little sketchy, but Stingray is really “legit,” as they say. They offer free consultation appointments, so you can talk to an artist about what you want done, totally free. It hurts, but it’s worth it.

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  1. DS says:

    i’m not a tattoo fan, neither loving nor disliking them. what interests me is what draws people to get them. consider interviewing people who have them and finding if there are personality elements they have in common, what drew them to get their first piece of art, etc.

  2. grandmother of 4 says:

    Oh dear what ever will I do with you! Good article.

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