Utila: So Many Iguanas!

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The very first iguana we caught in the mangroves!


That’s about as big as they get. Pretty cool, huh?


You’re probably thinking about two things right now: the size of that iguana or how I manage to keep my shirt that white.


Look closely, there’s definitely an iguana there!


A happy man, an iguana, and his GPS tracker.

As per request and promise, I have dedicated a post strictly to iguanas. I mean, how could I not? I’ve been in Honduras for almost six weeks now and I’ve caught, tagged, and tracked over a hundred iguanas (that’s definitely an exaggeration, but it sounds pretty cool). There are sooooo many iguanas on Utila, specifically the endemic species (Ctenosaura bakeri) seen in all of this photographs. We’ve been catching these iguanas for two reasons: 1. to see where they lay their eggs so that the land can be protected and 2. as a study of the iguana populations. All of this is done in an effort to preserve this species on the island (since these iguanas exist no where else except on Utila!). So, I invite you to observe these pictures and keep in mind what Utila would be like without such a environmentally crucial species in existence. In general, what would any natural environment be like without it’s crucial and even necessary components?

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