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In case you haven’t already seen the campaigns, I am here to tell you that elections for Boston University’s Student Government Executive Board are here. Voting period is Monday April 22nd through Friday April 26th on the student link.

Now, how many of you just thought to yourselves “BU Student Government? What do they do?” If you asked yourself that, I’m a little sad but it’s also not the first time that I’ve received that question. Which, in itself, is a little sad.

BU Student Government represents YOU. Elected officials from your residence halls and college governments come together to discuss issues and enact change. The idea is that your representatives are reaching out to their constituencies to represent their needs. For example, as a senator for the School of Education it is my job to make sure I am listening to the needs and wants of SED students and representing and advocating for those in our student government meetings. Students can turn to us with problems which they would like to be discussed and solved, such as the lack of 24/7 study spaces; events and projects they would like our support for, such as the development of Gender Neutral Housing; and changes they are seeking to make, such as the administration’s decision to cut the wrestling team.

It is your job as students at this university to utilize your student government to represent you and the action you want to see unfold. Reach out to your senators, speak out at one of our meetings, and do your part to help build BU into what you want to see it be, into what you know it can be.

Right now, your duty is voting for the 2013-2014 Executive Board for the Student Government. The Executive Board includes four elected officials who serve the BU student body in valuable positions within Student Government to represent the student body.

The President serves as the figurehead of the student body and as a valuable connection between Student Government and the administration. The Executive Vice President determines the agenda of senate meetings. The Vice President of Internal Affairs facilitates connections and collaboration between the executive board, cabinet, and senate. The Vice President of Finance serves to manage Student Government’s finances, budget, and allocated funds.

There are three slates running in this upcoming election: Becoming United, BU Ignition, and Can’t B Without U. Seeing so many dedicated students with valuable ideas working to campaign and facilitate change has instilled the excitement of democracy within me. We as students have the chance to decide the outcome of this election. We as students have the power to determine what we want our Student Government to look like. If that’s not cool, I don’t know what is.

Become informed about the upcoming election and the running slates on the Student Election Commission website and make sure to do your civic duty the week of April 22nd by voting for what you want to see BU become.

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