What’s in Front of You?

| March 18, 2013 | 3 Comments

driving on the road

The windshield of your car is big

 So that you can see everything

 Every car, every bystander, every sign

 Can easily be seen in front of you

 Rear view mirrors are much smaller

 You only need them to see behind

 Every car, every bystander, every sign behind you

 Only needs to be glanced at

 When you’re driving forward

 Because what’s important is what’s in front of you

 Even if it’s off somewhere in the distant

 Over that hill

 Out on the horizon

 Beyond that seemingly endless stretch of highway

 No where to be seen

 No place to be found

 This is why windshields are bigger than rearview mirrors

 So that you can see what’s in front of you

 So that you can look ahead

 So that you can gaze into the future

 And see everything that you will do

 Everything that you will accomplish

 Who you will ultimately become

 But you mustn’t forget about what’s behind you

 That car, that bystander, that sign

 So that you can see where it is that you are coming from

 Recalling who it was that you had met

 Remembering what you had done

 Understanding your mistakes

 And learning from it all

 So that you can look ahead

 And be someone that lives for the future

 Someone that learns from the past

 Someone that progresses forward

 Someone immune to stagnation

 Someone that is open to growth

 Someone that changes the world

 Someone that does something

 Someone that does anything

Be somebody

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Andrew Lacqua

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One of four, Andrew likes to think that he's the coolest. After all, he's an avid long boarder and ukelele player, an ardent animal lover, and proud owner of a fish tank (he used to have five but then he had to go to college). When Andrew isn't busy watching Discovery Channel, flaunting his brightly colored beanies around campus, or pondering the mysteries of life, he's busy studying biology (his one true love). If this were a perfect world, Andrew would probably live in a hut in the rainforest with monkeys somewhere in Central America.

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  1. Michael says:

    And someone at home very very proud of what you are becoming.

  2. Esther Noggle says:

    Great thoughts! Now I know why I like to travel….adventure and surprises around the next bend……….E

  3. Alexandra says:

    Love this post and it’s message!

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