Writer’s Block

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The Cyanide and Happiness Response to writer's blockYou know you have writer’s block when you start organizing your Word documents into color-coordinated folders instead of writing something. Every once in a while I flip back to the empty page and stare at it. It’s just… so empty. It yearns for the words that normally spill from my mind in a jumble of nonsense that somehow works itself out into comprehensible prose. But every time I start, I stop. Start and stop.

Try #1: “Let me tell you a story. I do like telling stories.”  - Right. So what story should I tell? Well that’s a good question. Maybe something on Greece… dammit, I can’t think of anything. Typical.

Try #2: “I hate sitting still.”-Great. Why? Because I just do. And I hate crying babies on planes. Fascinating, Emily. Tell me more. Not. Nobody cares if you don’t like sitting still.

Try #3: “What would you do with the power to freeze time?” – Rule the world or stretch out the present as long as you could? Try and hold onto that precious moment forever? But would that ruin it? Would it lose the sparkle of vitality that made you come alive with laughter and energy for those few brief moments?

Calvin is with me on the struggle bus.

So what do you do when you have writer’s block? The solution is extraordinarily simple, really. The solution is to write. I mean look at me, I wrote an entire post about my seemingly fruitless struggles and also managed to come up with a couple of ideas to tie up my earlier writing attempts. Maybe I should write about the power of the mighty Spartans and the petty squabbles of ancient Greece. Or maybe I could write about time, the fragility of life and how quickly those brilliant moments fade away into the dim realm of memory. Who knows? That’s the brilliance of words. Their combinations are limitless.

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Emily Sheehan is from the rainy city of Seattle, Washington. She loves lattes and latte foam, the quiet of snowfall, fantasy novels, black cats, and The Lord of the Rings movies. She aspires to become an executive producer or director and make movies that tell fantastic stories. If she can make at least one person laugh once a day for the rest of her life she'll be satisfied.

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