A Writer’s Devotion

| April 10, 2013 | 1 Comment

The scratch of a pen, the tools of the trade.
Indents carved from ink.
Smooth. Bumpy.
Caressing fingertips on wrinkled paper. 

Feel, smell, think.
Set foot on the path to something bigger.

The late night glow of the flashing cursor.
Watch the words as they spill out.
Watch as they fill up the blank, white screen.
Filling up your soul and freeing up your mind.

Stop searching, let go. 

The words of your mind,
The fingers they possess.
Let them take you. Engulf you. Replenish you.
Set you free. 

The words flow freely; your fingers know what must be said.

Throw away your power,
The illusion of control. 

Expressed. Emancipated. Enlightened.

Writing is a drug,
The addiction is a lifestyle.

The captain that navigates your mind,
The lighthouse that illuminates your path.

Words are a world, and writing is discovery.

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Mackenzie Morgan

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Even though she's not sure how it happened, Mackenzie is a senior. She is also a cake connoisseur, self-declared hobby architect, and co-Editor-in-Chief of Culture Shock. She hails from a small snow globe of a town deep in the mountains of Colorado and is ridiculously proud of the fact that she's half Australian. She's working towards molding young minds as she studies History Education and American Studies with a minor in Political Science, but she would also like to be a princess (or maybe a lawyer). Her weaknesses and greatest enemies include mornings, ketchup, and mascots. Mostly Mackenzie likes to tweet about sandwiches (@Kenz_LM), eat soup, look at the moon, and work towards being Hermione Granger.

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  1. Steph Bentlyewski says:

    Wow! I loved your poem, Mackenzie. I felt invigorated after reading it. Thanks!

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